Hellen van Meene / And everything goes on when you die

The strange discrepancy between mourning and vitality How can it be that the world keeps turning, the sun shines on and the flowers bloom – that, in short, it can be a beautiful day – when someone you love has just died? How is it possible that between your tears, and to your own amazement,…read more

Joscha Steffens / Teen Spirit Island

The German photographer Joscha Steffens is intrigued by social subcultures. For his most recent project, Uchronia (2017), he infiltrated an occult group of SS fanatics. In 2012 he became fascinated by the world of games, both their virtual and live action versions, and by the themes of power and violence that are glamorized and aestheticized…read more

Collection: Han Singels / Polder Holland

The unambiguous title Polder Holland makes it clear what this series by Han Singels is all about: the classic Dutch polder landscape, a landscape which also forms the decor in the new series of panoramas by Hellen van Meene. For Hellen van Meene, the coffin and the mourners are the centrepiece; Han Singels gives pride…read more

Koos Breukel / Son

The Dutch portrait photographer Koos Breukel, whose oeuvre is held in high regard both in the Netherlands and abroad, has been photographing his eldest son Casper since he was born, in 2000. This has yielded a series of intimate and moving portraits which not only depict Casper in various phases of his life but which…read more

Recent Histories / Contemporary African photography and video art in dialogue with African photography from Huis Marseille’s collection

For the exhibition Recent Histories, Huis Marseille and The Walther Collection (New York/Neu-Ulm) have joined forces to present a unique collection of African photography and video art. African photography is at the heart of the collection policies of both institutes, and for this exhibition Huis Marseille has been able to make a broad selection from…read more