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Futures Past & Present / Helga Paris, Céline van Balen, Esther Kroon & Julie Greve


The exhibition Futures Past & Present shows the work of four female photographers: Céline van Balen, Julie Greve, Esther Kroon and Helga Paris. The four have separate individual histories, but they also have something in common: they all show great talent, and the ascent – or demise – of their careers has been determined by… read more

Deana Lawson


The American photographer Deana Lawson (Rochester, 1979) is acclaimed as one of the most compelling photographers of her generation. In her work, which has been compared to that of Diane Arbus, Jeff Wall and Carrie Mae Weems, Lawson blurs the boundary between fact and myth. Over the last fifteen years she has developed a visual… read more

Elspeth Diederix / When Red Disappears


For her series When Red Disappears Elspeth Diederix, one of the Netherlands’ most original artistic photographers of nature, ventured into the secret gardens of Zeeland’s waters. The benthic flora and fauna of this chilly, turbid, green-grey water turned out to display an extraordinary visual richness that was a perfect complement to the large body of… read more

Arja Hop & Peter Svenson / Distilled Landscapes – an allegory of four rivers


‘In the realization of our work we apply analogical photography, studying nature with natural physical and chemical processes. The images are determined by elements of the material itself rather than our perception of it.’ The residues projects of the artistic duo Arja Hop and Peter Svenson bring together photography and botanical alchemy in a remarkable way,… read more


Study for ‘Image à la sauvette’ No. 13, 2015 © Yuki Onodera. Collectie Huis Marseille