Oleg Klimov

Along the Volga, 2000-2004

On the Volga, 2000-2004

Dynamo Batumi against Celtic Glasgow during the seperation war, 1996-2004

After the end of the war in Abkhazia (Georgia), 1993-2004

Armenian woman and her family, 1990-2004

Communist’s woman kissing an orthodox cross at a demonstration, 1997-2004

Mental hospital on an isolated island in the Volga, 1991-2004

Weeping woman on bed with deceased man, 2004

The Russian president Boris Yeltsin is holding the Russian tricolour after the defeat of the first putsch, 1991-2004

Communist with Soviet flag during the armed conflict between the parliament and President Boris Yeltsin, 1993-2004

Andrej Sacharov in the Kremlin a few hours before his death, 1989-2004

Dinner during the war in Ossetia, 1990-2004

Boy with broken gun selling flowers at the market in Grozney, 1994-2004

Boys smoking, 2004

Factory Office, 1996-2004

(title unknown), 2004

In Moscow’s subway, 2003-2004

Portrait of a woman at the holy place of the Russian Orthodox church in Niahe Novgorod,

(title unknown),