Koos Breukel / Son

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The Dutch portrait photographer Koos Breukel (The Hague, 1962) – whose oeuvre is highly regarded both at home and abroad – has photographed his oldest son Casper since his birth in 2000. This has resulted in a series of intimate and sometimes moving portraits, which are not merely registrations of Casper in different phases of his life but also a reflection of the bond between father and son. Now Casper has turned eighteen – he is mature and makes his own choices – the moment has come for Breukel to show this unique project. He does this in the form of a photo book titled Zoon (‘Son’) and an eponymous exhibition which will open on 8 September 2018 in Huis Marseille.

The photobook Zoon with photos by Koos Breukel and text by Joris van Casteren is designed by Studio Verschueren and published by Uitgeverij Lubberhuizen. Design and selection of the Koos Breukel / Zoon exhibition by Studio Verschueren together with Koos Breukel and Huis Marseille.