Juul Kraijer / Chimaera

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The imagery of artist Juul Kraijer (1970) transcends traditional iconographies: The photos in the Chimaera exhibition make the implausible come true. The foundation of the mysterious photos in Kraijer’s latest photo series is the human body, but she presents its form in a way that defies all classification. Ultimate control of the body is a decisive element in Chimaera. This time it’s the models’ bodies that are the photographer’s muse, rather than their faces or personalities, because these bodies can be played like musical instruments. In this way, Juul Kraijer uses her new exhibition to expand her artistic exploration of the anatomical universe which reaches all the way under her models’ skin. Contortionist Lise Pauton and butoh dancer Camille Mutel transform into enigmatic shapes that could just as easily be animal or vegetable and in which the infinite possibilities of existence resonate.

Juul Kraijer’s work in this exhibition is made possible with the support of the Mondriaan Fund.


Juul Kraijer