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Recent Histories / Contemporary African Photography and Video Art from The Walther Collection

For the exhibition Recent Histories, Huis Marseille and The Walther Collection (New York/Neu-Ulm) have joined forces to present a unique collection of African photography and video art. African photography is at the heart of the collection policies of both institutes, and for this exhibition Huis Marseille has been able to make a broad selection from…read more

Hellen van Meene / And everything goes on when you die

The strange discrepancy between mourning and vitality How can it be that the world keeps turning, the sun shines on and the flowers bloom – that, in short, it can be a beautiful day – when someone you love has just died? How is it possible that between your tears, and to your own amazement,…read more

Joscha Steffens / Teen Spirit Island

The German photographer Joscha Steffens is intrigued by social subcultures. For his most recent project, Uchronia (2017), he infiltrated an occult group of SS fanatics. In 2012 he became fascinated by the world of games, both their virtual and live action versions, and by the themes of power and violence that are glamorized and aestheticized…read more

Collection: Han Singels / Polder Holland

The unambiguous title Polder Holland makes it clear what this series by Han Singels is all about: the classic Dutch polder landscape, a landscape which also forms the decor in the new series of panoramas by Hellen van Meene. For Hellen van Meene, the coffin and the mourners are the centrepiece; Han Singels gives pride…read more

Koos Breukel / Son

The Dutch portrait photographer Koos Breukel, whose oeuvre is held in high regard both in the Netherlands and abroad, has been photographing his eldest son Casper since he was born, in 2000. This has yielded a series of intimate and moving portraits which not only depict Casper in various phases of his life but which…read more

Chikako Watanabe / The Third House Owner

In a house as old as Huis Marseille – 353 years – the histories of its many former residents are as interwoven as the traces and building styles they left behind. The first owner, Isaac Focquier, had the house built in 1665 and gave it the name Marseille, in gold-painted letters on the façade. In…read more

Harold Strak & Willem van Zoetendaal / Amsterdam Stuff

It all started with a single dedicated photographer, Harold Strak, who is well known for an almost scientific approach to the medium combined with a technical, but artistically inspired perfectionism. In 2009 he began working on a project that he never suspected would become his magnum opus: photographing the (mostly small) archaeological objects that were…read more

A Beautiful Moment / Japanese photography by Naoya Hatakeyama, Syoin Kajii, Rinko Kawauchi, Toshiko Okanoue, Yuki Onodera, Chino Otsuka and Nao Tsuda

Does a common thread run through the work of the seven photographers who have been brought together for the exhibition A Beautiful Moment? This is not a very easy question to answer. Although the exhibition focuses on a select number of photographers whose origins are all in Japan, the work of each of these photographers…read more

Collection / Jacqueline Hassink

Huis Marseille exhibited Jacqueline Hassink’s photo project Mindscapes in 2003, and this first-ever large-scale retrospective of her work was followed by The Power Show in 2008. While these two exhibitions took very different approaches to subject and form, they nevertheless had a strong thematic affinity: Hassink searches for the loci of power. For instance, she…read more

Bernd, Hilla and the Others / Photography from Dusseldorf

In the spring of 2018 Huis Marseille will be devoted to the so-called Düsseldorfer Photoschule, photographers who studied at the Dusseldorf Art Academy under Bernd and Hilla Becher or their successors Thomas Ruff and Andreas Gursky. The photographic vision of Bernd and Hilla Becher was so influential and successful that these photographers – also known…read more

Eddo Hartmann / Setting the Stage: Pyongyang, North Korea, Part 2

‘Within the collective character of North Korea, the individual is just a pixel. I looked specifically for that pixel and its significance in the city.’ – Eddo Hartmann  Daily life in a closed country Between 2014 and 2017 the Dutch photographer Eddo Hartmann visited North Korea four times. His fascination for this closed country was…read more

Ad van Denderen / Jerusalem Stone

For almost 25 years Ad van Denderen, the éminence grise of Dutch documentary photography, has been photographing daily life in Israel and the Palestinian territories. He originally worked in black and white, in a classical, direct, reportage style. About 15 years ago he switched to colour, and since then he has employed a more detached…read more

Landscape with Tree / by Jamie Hawkesworth

Photography is a disarmingly subtle act of sensing, then waiting, until a subject reveals itself. It is my chosen medium because of its capacity to intensify what we see, and to capture the unique truths that lie beneath the surface of our encounters. This enduring and patient economy of means channels our shared, multivalent sense…read more

Juul Kraijer / Chimaera

Every living form conceals a world that can fill us with utter astonishment. The true artist is one who can open our eyes to the infinities that underlie the apparent simplicity of ordinary things. ‘If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite,’ wrote the 18th-century English poet…read more

Revealing Reality / Andres Serrano

The oeuvre of the prominent artist Andres Serrano (New York, 1950) is both provocative and fascinating. In terms of scale, composition and subject matter his works of art show strong similarities to the work of the Old Masters, but unlike these old paintings Serrano’s work confronts us powerfully and directly with contemporary reality. Serrano has a deep interest…read more

Lionel Wendt / Ceylon

There is something special going on with regard to the oeuvre of Ceylonese photographer Lionel Wendt (1900–1944). After a period of relative oblivion, Wendt was rediscovered – or discovered, in fact – worldwide as a unique, individualistic photographer who availed himself of experimental techniques and modern compositions. Wendt’s choice of subjects was eclectic: from sensual and…read more

Jeff Cowen / Photoworks

In an age when the world, and the medium of photography in particular, is dominated by digital techniques, and the attribute of authenticity is acquiring ever more value, the work of Jeff Cowen has a special place. In Cowen’s approach the transience and ephemerality of photography is paradoxically united with the immortality and tractability of…read more

In Egypt / Travellers and Photographers, 1850–1900

This spring, Huis Marseille will host a major exhibition about 19th century photography in Egypt. Join us for a trip along the Nile in the footsteps of the many travellers and photographers who rediscovered the country in the 19th century. The exhibition consists entirely of objects from Dutch collections and offers a diverse portrayal of…read more

Theo Baart & Cary Markerink / After Baldus: Travels in a Wounded Landscape

Inspired by the beautiful 19th-century photo album Le Chemin de Fer du Nord, Theo Baart and Cary Markerink – acclaimed for documentary photo projects such as Nagele and Snelweg – retraced the footsteps of the photographer Édouard Baldus (1813–1889), turning their camera towards the man-made landscape of northern France. In their series After Baldus they…read more

Chrystel Lebas / Regarding Nature

With the exhibition Regarding Nature, this will be the first time that the unique, monumental landscape photographs of French landscape photographer Chrystel Lebas are shown in the Netherlands. Lebas garnered international acclaim through her panoramic photographs, created at twilight. This project shows her most recent – and what is perhaps her most ambitious – project…read more

Scarlett Hooft Graafland / Shores Like You

Only in a poem can a landscape be like a person. And in a poem like this, the photographer Scarlett Hooft Graafland would be conjuring up an exotic location, as most of her photographs take shape in distant lands – as do the images in the exhibition Shores Like You, taken over the last four years. Journeys to distant places are at the root of her work, and are often inspired by stories. In recent years, Hooft Graafland has sought out a number of remarkable trees about which she had read, or been told: the dragon blood tree, native to the island of Socotra near Yemen; ‘Old Tjikko’, in Sweden, whose 9500-year-old root system makes it the oldest tree in the world and the rare conifer, Araucaria columnaris, which grows only on the Île des Pins in New Caledonia. She learned of this last species from a book about the 18th-century explorer James Cook, who was almost shipwrecked on the coral reef that surrounds the island while trying to get the closest possible look at these trees.read more

In the Spirit of Nature / Spiritual photographs by Martin Gusinde, Rotimi Fani-Kayode and Mario Cravo Neto

Spirits of life and death haunt the photographs of the German missionary Martin Gusinde (1886–1969), the Nigerian photographer Rotimi Fani-Kayode (1955–1989) and the Brazilian photographer Mario Cravo Neto (1947–2009). Although these three photographers have very different oeuvres, they are linked in this exhibition by the way each of them has made the visual expression of…read more

Stephen Shore / Retrospective

The work of the American photographer Stephen Shore (b. 1947, New York City) has shaped contemporary photography and inspired generations of photographers. He has never stopped exploring the boundaries of photography, and has selected subjects that were not seen as obviously photogenic. He has effortlessly switched back and forth between black and white and colour,…read more

Jeroen Robert Kramer / Une Femme

The exhibition is a story The central figure in Une Femme is composed of different characters. There is Khiar, a handsome, elderly Lebanese gentleman who lives in Beirut, a city scarred by decades of religious tension. The wars that arose from those tensions do not appear in the exhibition, but we sense the presence of…read more

Paris Photo-Aperture PhotoBook Awards 2015 / photobook exhibition in Huis Marseille

Aperture Foundation and Paris Photo are delighted to collaboratively present the fourth annual Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards for the first time this year hosted by Huis Marseille. In the words of Chris Boot, director of Aperture Foundation, the overwhelming response to the call for entries this year gives testament to the “rude health” of…read more

Dana Lixenberg / Imperial Courts, 1993–2015

Imperial Courts is a housing project in Watts, a district of Los Angeles where Lixenberg found herself in the wake of the Rodney King Riots that broke out after the acquittal of four white policemen who had gravely assaulted the black taxi driver Rodney King. The project turned into an expansive personal portrait of the community of Imperial Courts. In black and white, using a large-format camera and natural light, Lixenberg documented the turbulent lives of three generations of its residents in all their human diginity.read more

Martin Roemers / Metropolis

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population – more than seven billion people – will be living in crowded cities, according to the UN. Many will be living in ‘megacities’, which the UN defines as cities having more than 10 million inhabitants. Martin Roemers (1962, Oldehove) wondered how people actually lived in such immense and bustling cities, and in 2007 he started travelling all over the world to photograph them. Of the 28 megacities in the world today Roemers has so far photographed 22, across five continents, which together form a representative image of ‘the megacity’. read more

Esko Männikkö / Time Flies

Time Flies is the evocative title of the first ever major retrospective of the work of the leading Finnish photographer Esko Männikkö. The experience of time and transience plays an important role in Männikkö’s poetic oeuvre. He has a unique gift for distilling the presence of time in images that are characterized by the almost magical use of light and colour and a close attention to composition. His work has been compared to that of the master painters of art history. The unique frames – made by Männikkö himself, or found at flea markets – constitute an inherent part of his approach, and strengthen the link between Männikkö’s photographs with (art) history, while also reinforcing this sense of transience.read more

Hanne van der Woude / Emmy's World

What drives a young and celebrated photographer to join three elderly people on a trip to a mountain in France? Or partake in the lives she documents, even when disease strikes? From 2009 on, the photographer Hanne van der Woude shared life’s joys and sorrows with an older married couple and a brother: people who despite their age never lost touch with their creativity or non-conformist disposition. Van der Woude gives special attention to the last remaining survivor: the 83-year-old artist Emmy, who lives in an old school building in the Betuwe surrounded by guinea fowl. For five years Van der Woude became a part of Emmy’s world, an immersion that resulted in a photographic project now being premiered in Huis Marseille.read more

Otto Snoek / Nostalgia, Ukraine 1989–1992

The photographer Otto Snoek was in his early 20s when, in 1989, he started visiting eastern Ukraine, at the invitation of a photographer from Charkov whom he had met in his native Rotterdam. In places like Charkov, Lugansk and Donbass he resolved to simply observe, and this detachment proved fruitful: ‘The nonchalance of this world of wires, untidiness, little freedoms, and small-time deals,’ as the art critic Sandra Smets wrote.read more

Votuporanga, 2015 © Caio Reisewitz

Caio Reisewitz / Florestas, favelas & falcatruas

The three Portuguese words in the title of this, the first exhibition of the prominent Brazilian photographer Caio Reisewitz to be held in the Netherlands, immediately make it clear what his oeuvre is about. Florestas is the Portuguese word for forests, such as that of the Brazilian Amazon, the richest tropical rainforest in the world. Favelas are the typically Brazilian slum districts. Falcatruas means something like fraud, trickery. The associations that these three words call up form an unsettling backdrop to Reisewitz’ stunning photographs of the Brazilian landscape. His work testifies to a deep social engagement, but one hidden within an avant-garde idiom.read more

Life is Strange / Photographic discoveries in popular magazine 'Het Leven'

The 235 photographs on display in the exhibition Life is Strange. Photographic discoveries in popular magazine ‘Het Leven’ represent a unique opportunity to be present at hundreds of extraordinary occasions, long after the event. The creators of these images, each a wonderful record of the petite histoire of the day, were usually anonymous photographers. The photographs themselves are drawn from the Spaarnestad Photo collection held in the National Archives of the Netherlands in The Hague, the largest press and documentary photograph collection in the country. From this unique repository of twelve million original prints the photographer and curator Rob Moorees selected a very special 235 to venture, briefly, beyond the confines of their archive boxes.read more

COR WAS HERE / The adventurous oeuvre of an Amsterdam photographer, 1936–2013

COR WAS HERE is a special exhibition devoted to the photographer Cor Jaring, curated by the long-time admirer and photographer Sander Troelstra, who is generations younger. Cor Jaring worked his way up from dockworker to internationally-famed photographer, and photographed life as an adventure, with his own personality as a prime example. The exhibition includes a…read more

Eddo Hartmann / Setting the Stage: Pyongyang, North Korea + collection

In any socialist regime, architecture plays a key part in the process of building up a new social and political environment following revolutionary events. After Pyongyang’s total destruction during the Korean War (1950-1953), Korean architects and construction workers had a clean slate to build the perfect socialist capital anew, and they seized upon that opportunity…read more

Dancing Light / Let it move you...

A photograph is a photograph, and a dance is a dance: stillness versus movement. At first sight these two art forms might seem to be poles apart, but the exhibition Dancing Light, open from 13 December throughout the newly double-sized Huis Marseille, proves the opposite. Along with film and video, photography turns out to be an ideal way to illuminate the characteristic emotionality and transport of dance – its ‘primal power’ to move us. In Dancing Light the ‘dark undertone’ that is characteristic of both flamenco and butoh, and which unites seemingly incompatible opposites such as joy and sorrow or hope and despondency, is linked to many different manifestations of both photography and dance.read more

De Marseillaise / fifteen years of collecting

The Marseillaise / fifteen years of collecting is based on a few simple observations. Firstly, that a collection can be regarded as the moveable part of a museum that can be presented in many different ways – the exhibition title itself is based on this idea. Then there is the fact that, from a professional perspective, fifteen years is not actually all that long. Collections have to prove their relevance over a longer period of time. Thirdly, contemporary collections are open-ended by definition because they are directed towards the present and the future.read more

Guido Guidi / Veramente

Guido Guidi (born in 1941, in Cesena, north-eastern Italy) had originally wanted to be an architect or a painter, but during his studies at the University of Venice he began to develop an interest in photography. By the mid-1960s he had devoted himself entirely to photography. Guidi directs his camera towards urban architecture, industrial landscapes, and periurban environments in an entirely original way. His approach is poetic and attentive, and could also be said to be descriptive in nature. His photographic work has given rise to a rich visual archive of the landscape of Italy, both natural and man-made. In 2013 Guido Guidi won the prestigious PixSea Oeuvre Award, resulting in his international breakthrough. read more

Taco Anema / In Conference. Portraits of Dutch Administrative Boards

What would the Netherlands be without its consultative culture? Without its world-famous ‘polder model’? From 14 June to 7 September, Huis Marseille, museum for photography in Amsterdam, is showing more than thirty group portraits that Taco Anema made of the administrative boards of Dutch non-profit organisations. Together these photographs provide an outstanding illustration of this…read more

& Martin Roemers / Frans Beerens / Marrigje de Maar

Martin Roemers / Metropolis (preview) Martin Roemers (1962): ‘Years ago, when I was in Mumbai, I was struck by just how chaotic and crowded it is. I was wondering about how you could encapsulate all this energy, chaos, and hustle and bustle in a single photograph. So I spent the whole day in a building…read more

Apartheid & After

The exhibition Apartheid & After reveals how powerfully the recent past can colour our perception of the present; this theme runs through the work of all twelve participating photographers after 1990. However powerful the individual images may be, this is photography with a hidden agenda – in a positive sense of the word. Knowledge of the past brings the present into sharp focus, and vice versa. It’s a tightrope act. Being a photographer in South Africa demands a sober, articulate, and skilled approach to the country’s burden of memory, trauma, and resulting guilt, as well as to the mysterious colouring and extravagant beauty of Africa so eagerly exploited by today’s tourist industry.read more

Golden Years / Rob Hornstra’s Russia / & Oleg Klimov, Olga Chernysheva, Sarkis, Willie Doherty & collection

In the wake of an eventful Netherlands-Russia year, from 14 December 2013 Huis Marseille devotes several of its exhibition galleries to a photographic examination of the intrinsically Russian soul. This soul is to be found, for instance, along the banks of the great Russian rivers – such as the Volga, the Neva and the Oka…read more

the Rediscovery of the World / a new spirit in Dutch photography

The exhibition The rediscovery of the world shows that Dutch photography has embarked on a new voyage of discovery. A passion for looking, and for the experience of the properties of the medium is abundantly present in the work of the photographers on display. The artists are in their mid-twenties to early forties, a generation that grew up immersed in a visual culture that was an inherent part of the modern world. And it is precisely these photographers who are now formulating a reaction to the ‘culture of invisibility and virtual communication’ by looking at the world in an entirely new way. Interestingly, this is quite a challenge for photography; after all, isn’t photography easy and accessible to all? Isn’t it thanks to visual culture that the world has become visible to everybody? It is, but at the same time we must ask: do the images that flit constantly across our screens give a true impression of reality in a society in which most processes are invisible? In short: what is still ‘real’ today?read more

Walker Evans / Decade by Decade

Is there anyone left who would not instantly recognise the terse black-and-white pictures of rural poverty in the US that American photographer Walker Evans made during the Great Depression of the 1930s? The photographs that Walker Evans (1903-1975) made on assignment from the Farm Security Administration have become some of the most iconic images in…read more

POWER / Prix Pictet 2012

Since last October, when Luc Delahaye won this year’s Prix Pictet, its exhibition entitled Power – the competition theme for 2011/12 – has travelled all over the world. This was the fifth time that this prestigious photographic competition, whose €100,000 prize money equals that awarded by the Dutch Erasmus competition, has been held. It was…read more

Viviane Sassen / In and out of fashion

The photography of Viviane Sassen (Amsterdam, 1972) is in a class of its own. The intuitive way in which Sasses approaches her subjects is entirely personal, independent of other examples or reference frameworks. She often seeds the body as a sculpture, and concepts of revelations and concealment help to create the riddles in her images.…read more

Yasusuke Ota / The Abandoned Animals of Fukushima

There are basically two kinds of animals: the wild and the tame. Wild animals can flee when danger threatens, but this option is not usually open to tame ones. Pets are loyal to their surroundings, and farm animals depend heavily on human care. Animals are our ‘fellow travellers’, according to author and animal lover Rudy…read more

VIEWPOINT / A closer look at showing

The Viewpoint exhibition walks lines that cross between photography and other visual arts, between the museum’s own photographic collection and the collections of others, between contemporary art and echoes of the past. Viewpoint underlines the emotion that looking at an artwork can bring about, and in doing so it takes a clear position on the…read more

Chino Otsuka / A World of Memories

Chino Otsuka was born in Tokyo and moved to the UK at the age of ten. In much of her work she uses the self portrait as a way of exploring her cultural identity – a double identity of Japanese origin, yet one also firmly rooted in western culture. These series of photographs give an…read more

Guy Tillim / Second Nature

“My journeys have been idiosyncratic, often purposeless, not so much to commit journalism as to travel for its own sake.” The images of the South African photographer Guy Tillim (1962, Johannesburg) display an analytical precision that never fails to stir up the emotions. His photographic career began in the latter years of apartheid, and this…read more

Naoya Hatakeyama / Natural Stories

In 2002 the Japanese photographer Naoya Hatakeyama presented Blasts, a series of photographs of explosions in an open-cast limestone mine, in Huis Marseille. This exhibition made a strong impact, not least because the photographer succeeded perfectly in combining harmonious photographic compositions with the violently destructive power of dynamite. Since then, beautifully aesthetic images of the…read more

Siebe Swart / Land of Air and Water / Aerial photographs of Dutch waterworks

After his Panorama Nederland project was published in 2007, Siebe Swart turned his attention to Dutch waterworks. As always, he chose the most appropriate photographic technique for this purpose. For the last few years he has photographed the Netherlands’ struggles with rising water from a helicopter. He has documented the reinforcement and streamlining of the…read more

Scarlett Hooft Graafland / Soft Horizons

Scarlett Hooft Graafland is drawn to extraordinary and majestic landscapes. To the vast salt fields of Bolivia, for instance, gleaming an iridescent white under a baking sun, whose harddried edges are broken like a natural crackleglaze. Or sweeping Arctic plains, so cold that the surrounding water gradually loses its fluidity. Or an immense lake whose…read more

Adam Fuss / A Survey of his Work: 1986 – 2010

What immediately stands out with the work of Adam Fuss is that, both in terms of the chosen subject matter and in his approach to the photographic technique, he has greatly dissociated himself from conventional photography. That which Fuss produces is, in fact, still a photograph; but in order to achieve that, he did rid…read more

Bert Teunissen / Domestic Landscapes Travelogs

Both Marrigje de Maar and Bert Teunissen travel to remote spots in the world in order to photograph people in their homes. They show how these people turn their houses into places where they feel at home, how simply and sparingly they may be furnished. Natural light determines the atmosphere and how things are arranged…read more

Marrigje de Maar / Red Roses, Yellow Rain

Both Marrigje de Maar and Bert Teunissen travel to remote spots in the world in order to photograph people in their homes. They show how these people turn their houses into places where they feel at home, how simply and sparingly they may be furnished. Natural light determines the atmosphere and how things are arranged…read more

Digital? Analogue!

Huis Marseille pays tribute to analog photography by dedicating an exhibition to the character and work of master printer Peter Svenson of Aap-Lab. For more than thirty years, Svenson has been a mainstay to famous photographers as well as some who have just begun their careers. In his hands their photographs become more than nice…read more

Dayanita Singh

The fall of 2010 Huis Marseille will be holding a retrospective exhibition of work by the Indian photographer Dayanita Singh (New Delhi, 1961). Singh is internationally recognized for the highly expressive and poetic quality of her photographs, whose incidence of light and visual construction are so meticulously composed that they result in a comment on…read more

Summer Loves

This exhibition is based on the idea of ‘infatuations’ that can affect both photographers and exhibition curators. People often suppose that museums make choices as objectively as possible, but actually this is far from from the truth. Just as an artist may feel physically and emotionally attracted to a particular subject, the collector or curator…read more

First Light / Photography & Astronomy

The exhibition First Light will be Huis Marseille’s first large presentation on the relationship between photography and astronomy. Unusual historical photographs are to be combined with the most spectacular images from famous space telescopes and spacecraft. Heritage Ever since the time of Christiaan Huygens, Dutch astronomy has been producing astronomers of world renown. That sound…read more

Burtynsky / Oil

With his exhibition and publication on oil, Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky has produced a masterpiece. On the basis of monumental and highly detailed color photographs about oil, its extraction and consumption, which Burtynsky has been making since 1997, he reveals the connection between our use of oil and the effect this has on the landscape.…read more

Fazal Sheikh

This fall Huis Marseille will be presenting, for the first time, a large retrospective on the work of American photographer Fazal Sheikh (New York, 1965). Sheikh is no stranger to the Netherlands. In his previous exhibitions held at the Nederlands Fotomuseum (1997, 2001) and during the photograhy festival Noorderlicht (1997), he showed his impressive portraits of homeless people and…read more

Rob Nypels / Only Gaze a While Longer

For several years now, photographer Rob Nypels has been living and working in the Auvergne, located in France’s Massif Central. In these carefully chosen surroundings, his vision of landscape as a primarily personal domain arrived at the form and expression that he sought. His nature photographs of the Central Massif are images of intense beauty.…read more

In the Full Light of Day / Unique daguerreotypes of and by the Enschedé family

This spring Huis Marseille will proudly present a selection of roughly seventy daguerreotypes, photographic portraits of the distinguished Haarlem family of printers, the Enschedés. It is the first time that these portraits will be on view to the public. The daguerreotypes date from the period 1839 to 1856. Among the exhibited photographs is also the…read more

Taco Anema / Dutch Households

Two new exhibitions dealing with the theme of family in photography will open at Huis Marseille this spring. Along with the unusual and extensive collection of daguerreotypes from the Enschedé family, which includes the oldest known photograph in the Netherlands, contemporary family portraits by the Amsterdam photographer Taco Anema will also be on display. A…read more

Water in Photography / Water, as observed by Balthasar Burkhard, Naoya Hatakeyama, Roni Horn, Syoin Kajii and Asako Narahashi

This winter Huis Marseille’s program will revolve around the theme of water. As a counterpart and supplement to the exhibition Document Nederland: Rising Waters, Marnix Goossens photographs Dutch ways to stay dry, Huis Marseille has produced two other presentations under the common title Water in Photography. A small retrospective of water-related photography from the past…read more

Cy Twombly / Photographs 1951–2007

This fall Huis Marseille will be showing the photographic work of the famous American artist Cy Twombly. It has already been a few decades ago that Twombly’s work was last exhibited in the Netherlands. One of those occasions was La Grande Parade, the farewell exhibition of Edy de Wilde, held at  the Stedelijk Museum in…read more

Hans Scholten / Urban Future #2

The future of the city: that is the theme raised by Amsterdam artist Hans Scholten (1952) in his photographic project Urban Future. For a number of years now, he has been photographing the urban landscapes of huge cities in Asia and the Middle East. There he captures scenes of rapidly growing neighborhoods, in which chaos…read more

Creatures from the Collection and Other Themes / including photographs by Charlotte Dumas, Esko Männikkö, Rinko Kawauchi, Roos Theuws and others

This summer presentation of the collection will focus on the subject of animals in work by various photographers. Charlotte Dumas (1977) makes portraits of animals. Intimacy has key importance in her way of working. She spends long periods of time with one animal, so that its specific character can be shown. In doing this she…read more

Edwin Zwakman / Fake but Accurate

This spring Huis Marseille will be presenting a large retrospective on the well-known Dutch artist and photographer Edwin Zwakman (1969). His most recent series of photographs will now be shown in its entirety for the first time. The exhibition also includes a selection from his sketchbooks, which play a crucial role in the development of…read more

Jacqueline Hassink / The Power Show

This winter Huis Marseille and the Nederlands Fotomuseum are collaborating in simultaneously presenting The Power Show by the Dutch artist Jacqueline Hassink, including her latest photographic projects which are being shown for the first time in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Huis Marseille is exhibiting the series Arab Domains, Haute Couture Fitting Rooms, Paris ,View, Kyoto…read more

Valerie Bélin

Huis Marseille is presenting its first major survey of the work of French photographer Valérie Belin (Boulogne-Billancourt 1964). Belin has already exhibited at Huis Marseille in the group exhibition Oublier l’exposition, Contemporary Photography from France (2001), where her monumental portraits of bodybuilders and Moroccan brides drew attention. Over the past seventeen years she has worked…read more

Cristóbal Hara / An Imaginary Spaniard

Spain versus Holland: with the photographs of Cristóbal Hara and Han Singels, Huis Marseille is bringing Southern temperament and Northern light under its roof this summer. Cristóbal Hara has worked for over thirty years on a personally tinged oeuvre in which he fuses Spain’s cultural and religious traditions and political history with his own past…read more

Han Singels / Polder Holland

Spain versus Holland: with the photographs of Cristóbal Hara and Han Singels, Huis Marseille is bringing Southern temperament and Northern light under its roof this summer. Cristóbal Hara has worked for over thirty years on a personally tinged oeuvre in which he fuses Spain’s cultural and religious traditions and political history with his own past…read more

David Goldblatt / Intersections

‘Intersections’ is the term used by the South African photographer David Goldblatt for the crosscurrents of values, ideas, standpoints, spaces and people that comprise South African society. Goldblatt (b. Randfontein, 1930) is the éminence grise of South African photography, known for his subtle and sharp take on life in South Africa. With the exhibition Intersections,…read more

Bert Teunissen / Domestic Landscapes (1995-2005)

Over the past ten years Bert Teunissen (Ruurlo, 1959) has produced more than 250 photographs for his long-term photo project Domestic Landscapes. A broad selection of these will be shown at Huis Marseille this winter. In various European countries Teunissen sought interiors of houses in which daylight still determined the arrangement of furniture, the atmosphere…read more

Hellen van Meene / New Work

Over the past four years Hellen van Meene (Alkmaar, the Netherlands, 1972) has travelled across the world to make a beautiful and convincing sequel to her series of portraits of teenagers, which brought her worldwide success around the turn of this century. Having at first worked mainly with teenagers whom she already knew from her…read more

The Summer Collection / Beate Gütschow, Vik Muniz / Jörg Sasse / Dutch premiere of Runa Islam's Time Lines / Open stage for young filmmakers

This summer, visitors to Huis Marseille will have the opportunity of experiencing the contrasts and similarities between film and photography on the basis of works selected from the Huis Marseille collection and the H+F Collection (Runa Islam, Jörg Sasse), supplemented by several works on loan. The central focus is the artist’s search for the best…read more

Whisper Not! / A Different Dimension of Seeing: Huis Marseille / H+F Collection

The exhibition Whisper Not! throws the spotlights on a special collaboration between Huis Marseille and the collector Han Nefkens. First announced last autumn with the presentation the Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi, this collaboration has now gained a broader dimension. Han Nefkens has been collecting contemporary art and placing it in the H+F Collection since 1999.…read more

Isidore van Kinsbergen (1821–1905) / Photo Pioneer and Theatre Maker in the Dutch East Indie

Isidore van Kingsbergen is sometimes described as the “sleeping beauty” of nineteenth-century photography. While he already acquired great fame during his lifetime and was recognised internationally, there has never been a large retrospective devoted to his body of work. Yet Van Kinsbergen was a flamboyant artist who appealed to the imagination and who put his…read more

Autumn 2005 / Rinko Kawauchi / Marijke van Warmerdam / Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba a.o.

With its exhibition of work by the Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi, Huis Marseille is introducing a series of presentations of highly promising photographers and artists who have demonstrated great visual potential. This series of large and small presentations will consist of various clusters of photographs or projections that map the development of the artists up…read more

The Passion of the Private Collector / Huis Marseille presents the collections of Josje Janse-de Ronde Bresser and Hans van den Bogaard

Josje Janse-de Ronde Bresser and Hans van den Bogaard each quietly acquired an extraordinary collection of photographs over the years, which was only seen by a small group of family members, friends and photography buffs. Now these photographs are temporarily leaving closets, drawers, boxes and frames in the privacy of their homes for the public…read more

Made in Britain / Antoni + Alison / Craig Ames / Christopher Bucklow / Susan Derges / Elaine Constantine / Matthew Murray / Chino Otsuka / Michelle Sank / Nigel Shafran / Clare Strand / David Trainer / Naglaa Walker

In the exhibition Made in Britain, Huis Marseille presents the work of 12 contemporary British photographers, most of whom are exhibiting in the Netherlands for the first time. These 12 photographers represent an equivalent number of positions in their own country, albeit very different ones. Moreover, Great Britain itself plays a part in the thematic…read more

The Daros-Latinamerica Tapes

Daros-Latinamerica has been acquiring contemporary art from Latin America since the year 2000. At present the collection includes the work of over 70 different artists from almost all of the countries in Latin America. These works have been created over the past twenty years, but are complemented with a few selected earlier works. As heterogeneous…read more

Oleg Klimov / Legacy of an Empire ‘My Doomed Country’ Russia Photographed by Oleg Klimov, 1989–2004

This winter Huis Marseille is presenting a broad selection from the work of Russian photographer Oleg Klimov. It is the first time that an overview of his work of such magnitude is being shown here. In this exhibition assembled in close consultation with the photographer, Klimov gives us a very personal view of Russia –…read more

TAKE FIVE! / Huis Marseille Turns Five

On the 18th of September it will be five years ago to the day that Huis Marseille, the first photography museum to grace Amsterdam, opened its doors to the public. The museum’s five-year existence is being celebrated this autumn with various activities and a large survey exhibition of the collection. Taking our cue from drummer…read more

Panoramas by Luc Delahaye / Fragments of History & Ceiling Painting by Jacob de Wit

For the first time in the Netherlands, Huis Marseille is presenting the work of French photographer Luc Delahaye. These monumental panoramic photographs were made on the scene of events that have dominated international news since the last three years: the trial of Slobodan Milosovich in The Hague (2002); conflicts in the Middle East (2002), Afghanistan…read more

Elspeth Diederix & Marnix Goossens

This summer, Huis Marseille is presenting a special project with completely new work by photographers Elspeth Diederix (1971) and Marnix Goossens (1967). At the initiative of organizers/producers Colin Huizing and Frank van der Stok, the two photographers were each invited to make a series of ten photographs with a common departure point: a personally coloured…read more

Books Grow Out of the Ground Here / Dutch Libraries and Librarians Photographed by Candida Höfer and Bert Nienhuis

‘Books Grow Out of the Ground Here’, taken from a poem by P.A. de Génestet, is the title of a long project now come to fruition. Huis Marseille proudly presents the photographs that Candida Höfer (1944) and Bert Nienhuis (1944) recently took of 25 Dutch libraries and librarians. Höfer depicted the interiors of the libraries,…read more

Lee Friedlander / At Work

The exhibition At Work shows the world of industrial work as seen through the lens of American photographer Lee Friedlander. Ever since the 60s, Friedlander has been recognized as an indefatigable and intense chronicler of his own world and of our surroundings. In sophisticated black and white photography he playfully analyzes familiar visual experiences. Again…read more

Benjamin Brecknell Turner / Christopher Meigh-Andrews / Rini Hurkmans / Arsath Ro’is / A Photographic Truth / Dear Son / Early photographs of Amsterdam and the English landscape

Benjamin Brecknell Turner / A Photographic Truth / Early photographs of Amsterdam and the English landscape Turner is back in Amsterdam! For the first time since 1858, when he took part in the second Tentoonstelling van Photographie en Heliographie (Exhibition of Photography and Heliography), Huis Marseille is presenting an extensive retrospective of this early British photographic…read more

Charlotte Dumas / Marco van Duyvendijk / Gertjan Kocken / The First Round & Selected Works from the Collection

This summer Huis Marseille is presenting three young Dutch photographers in an exhibition entitled The First Round. Each represents a very striking position in photography. Their similarity lies in the fact that all three have embraced a theme and consistently developed it. Charlotte Dumas Charlotte Dumas (1977) makes portraits of animals. Using a monumental format,…read more

Jacqueline Hassink / Mindscapes

The work of Dutch photographer Jacqueline Hassink is the result of a well thought out plan. Accordingly her photo series of the centres of economic power, usually symbolised by the conference tables of the Boards of Directors of large multinationals, go way beyond the incidental nature that is inherent to photography. The poetry, the charm,…read more

Naoya Hatakeyama / Retrospective

Naoya Hatakeyama (born 1958) is one of the most important Japanese photographers of his generation. And yet in Europe his work is relatively unknown. In collaboration with Kunstverein Hannover and Kunsthalle Nürnberg, where the exhibition was shown earlier this year in Germany, Huis Marseille presents the first European retrospective of Hatakeyama’s oeuvre. The oeuvre of…read more

The Kaiser at the Keizersgracht / Wilhelm II and Photography as PR Tool &

The fifty-nine wagons loaded with possessions that were sent by Wilhelm II, the last German Kaiser, to his place of exile in the Netherlands in 1919 and 1920 also contained thousands of photographs: framed photographs, loose photographs, photograph albums, a folding screen with photographs, daguerreotypes, expensive platinum prints, autochrome plates, etc. A large portion of…read more

Bernd and Hilla Becher / Facades, Photographed After 1970

The German photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher will receive the Erasmus Prize on 23 October 2002. Each year this prize (€150,000) is awarded to a person or institution of exceptional value to Europe in the cultural, social or scientific fields. This year the prize goes to photography, under the motto ‘photo and document’. On the…read more

Eddy Posthuma de Boer & Juul Hondius / Selected Works from the Collection

In the summer of 2002, Huis Marseille presents two socially engaged photographers who concentrate on visualising the problems of society through photography. Eddy Posthuma de Boer, the éminence grise of Dutch photo reportage, travels around the world with his camera recording the major (and minor) sufferings of people at the bottom of our society. He…read more

Simone Nieweg / Cultivated in the Open, Photographs / with Wout Berger, Laura Samsom-Rous, Hans Scholten, Han Singels

Woods, open fields, farmland, sheds, fences, compost heaps and vegetable gardens of kale, green cabbage, kohlrabi, leeks, lettuce, beans and a pumpkin. The photographs of Simone Nieweg display the seemingly disorganized look of what is called “grown in the cold ground” in Dutch – vegetables grown outdoors as opposed to those cultivated in glasshouses. Unlike…read more

 www.earlyphotography.nl / Early Photography in Dutch Collections (1839-1860)

To celebrate the launching of the web site www.earlyphotography.nl, huis Marseille has organized an exhibition of some of the earliest photographs (the 1839-1860 period) extant in the Netherlands. This project, Early Photography in Dutch Collections (1839-1860), of which the web site is the result, was realized by the Rijksmuseum in collaboration with the Printroom of…read more

Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler / Wild Walls

For the first time in the Netherlands, Huis Marseille will present an overview of the work of the American/Swiss artist duo Teresa Hubbard (1965) and Alexander Birchler (1962). Hubbard and Birchler became acquainted at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax in 1990, and since then have worked together on an oeuvre…read more

Oublier l’exposition / Contemporary Photography from France / Jean-Marc Bustamante / Valérie Belin / Valérie Jouve / Eric Poitevin / Lise Sarfati / Isabelle Lévénez

Why “Forget the Exhibition”? An exhibition is more than just the works on display. The billing, the route through the exhibition, the décor, fragments of information and all sorts of by-products are also – or sometimes only – what you see and experience. Forget the exhibition, and perhaps you will more likely have an encounter…read more

Dr. Erich Salomon / Hotel Kaiserhof, Berlin, 1931

Dr. Erich Salomon in Dubbed the “King of Indiscretion”, Dr. Erich Salomon (1886-1944) was one of the world’s first photo journalists and the inventor of candid camera photography. With his fast, extremely light-sensitive camera, he turned the numerous conference rooms of international politics into ‘unsafe territory’ during the interbellum: the Reichstag in Berlin, the League…read more

Axel Hütte / Nocturnal Scenes (As dark as light)

Huis Marseille is presenting here for the first time works from the latest series by German photographer Axel Hütte (1951), entitled As dark as light. Hütte has worked on this series of night time (city) landscapes since 1996. He uses the landscape theme in his work to explore the borderlines of perception. If such borderlines…read more

Vik Muniz / The virtuoso who became a photographer

The work of Brazilian photographer Vik Muniz (1961) seems initially to have little to do with traditional photography. However, he still calls himself a photographer for the simple reason that the final product is a photograph. Muniz made a name for himself in the early 1980’s in New York as a sculptor. He soon shifted…read more

Cuba in Marseille / Wim & Donata Wenders: Buena Vista Social Club 1998 / Robert van der Hilst, Cuba 1987/1999

Old and forgotten musicians, who once performed in the dance and concert hall in the Buena Vista quarter of Havanna, they were discovered by the American guitarist Ry Cooder (1947) in the mid-1990’s. Cooder brought them together under the name Buena Vista Social Club and in 1996 made produced the CD that brought these elderly…read more

Clementina Lady Hawarden & Sarah Jones / Kindred Spirits in Photography

The coming exhibitions are centred on the work of two British photographers. The difference between the Victorian Lady Hawarden and the contemporary artist Sarah Jones could not have been greater, yet their themes are so related as to bridge 130 years in the history of photography. The studies in light and expression that Lady Hawarden…read more

Composite of Eugene Cernan at the Lunar Rover at 'Split Rock', Apollo 17, 1972, © Michael Light

FULL MOON / LATE AT NIGHT / Apollo Mission Photographs of the Lunar Landscape

Between 1967 and 1972, twelve American Apollo missions were flown to the moon. The television images of these events left a lasting impression around the world. When Apollo 11 crew members Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon thirty years ago, it represented not just the realisation of…read more

Albert Londe / Daan van Golden / collection

Albert Londe, an experimental and versatile photographer Six men in coat and top hat frozen in the midst of a funny caper: in this typical image from the early days of instant photography one recognises some of the jolly chaps brought together by Albert Londe and Gaston Tissandier in 1887 within the framework of the…read more