Eddo Hartmann opens exhibition in North Korea / Photos were on display in Huis Marseille earlier in 2015

In March 2015, Huis Marseille opened the exhibition Eddo Hartmann / Setting the Stage: Pyongyang, North Korea. In this show, Hartmann exhibited photos which he made of architecture in the capitol of elusive North Korea. This exhibition is now continued in that very land: Hartmann has become the first Western photographer to open a public exhibition in North Korea.

From the press release of Koryo Studio, the art specialists with whom Hartmanns collaborated for this project:

Koryo Studio Photographic Exhibition
Chollima House of Culture, Pyongyang, North Korea
September 24th – Oct 4th 2015

First Art Photography Exhibition in North Korea
Beijing-­based North Korean art specialists Koryo Studio have received permission to showcase photographic works by two foreign professional photographers in a public exhibition in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. 35 large scale photographic works will be exhibited including images from the recent Koryo Studio produced series 3DPRK (Matjaž Tančič) and Setting the Stage: Pyongyang (Eddo Hartmann), both photographed in North Korea last year. Selected photographs from the archives of both photographers will also be shown, marking the first time art photographs from the West will be seen publicly in North Korea. The Koryo Studio exhibition is a unique opportunity to share photographs taken in North Korea by western photographers with the people of North Korea. The exhibition will be shown in central Pyongyang in a publicly accessible space clearly marked and advertised by hand painted posters outside the venue. The exhibition will be free to enter for any Pyongyang residents.

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