Huis Marseille has a specialized library of photography books, located at the back of the museum with a view on the beautiful garden. The library is freely accessible by visitors of the museum during opening hours.

Photobook Collection

The museum owns a large amount of monographs by Dutch and international photographers. The monograph is an interesting photobook because it is particularly suitable to express the vision of the photographer. The Library of Huis Marseille also contains collected works concerning the history of photography, Photo techniques and photography theory. The library owns both contemporary publications and classic photobooks. Together they give an impression of photography and the photobook through the ages. The mainpoint of the photobook collection is the visual aspect: the work of the photographer and the special features of the photobook.


The catalogue of publications can be accessed via the website, a joint initiative of the Nederlands Fotomuseum, Huis Marseille and Foam.

Copies for perusal

Copies of the books, mainly located in the library, are available only for perusal. Books that are available on request may be consulted only from Tuesday through Friday. The library has WiFi access. Copies cannot be made there.