Interactive guided tours

Our team of experienced and enthusiastic tour guides will be delighted to take you around any or all of the current exhibitions in Huis Marseille. With new exhibitions mounted every three months, there is always something new to discover and to learn about photography at Huis Marseille. Our popular programme focuses on looking, reflecting, and inquiring as a group.

It is also possible to book a guided tour of Huis Marseille itself, which reveals the rich architectural and domestic history of this beautiful canal-side patrician house. The building is a veritable treasure chest of architectonic and art-historical information.

These interactive guided tours last either 60 or 90 minutes, and can also be given in English upon request.

Tours can be combined with coffee or tea, lunch, high tea, or drinks arrangements. The details of these arrangements can be seen here.

  • Maximum number of participants: 15 persons
  • Duration: at least 60 minutes
  • Cost: €65 (per hour, excl. admission fee)
  • When: throughout the season, by advance arrangement
  • For reservations: for queries, information or reservations, please contact