Jeff Cowen / Photoworks

In an age when the world, and the medium of photography in particular, is dominated by digital techniques, and the attribute of authenticity is acquiring ever more value, the work of Jeff Cowen has a special place. In Cowen’s approach the transience and ephemerality of photography is paradoxically united with the immortality and tractability of… read more

In Egypt / Travellers and Photographers, 1850–1900

This spring, Huis Marseille will host a major exhibition about 19th century photography in Egypt. Join us for a trip along the Nile in the footsteps of the many travellers and photographers who rediscovered the country in the 19th century. The exhibition consists entirely of objects from Dutch collections and offers a diverse portrayal of… read more

Revealing Reality / Andres Serrano

The oeuvre of the prominent artist Andres Serrano (New York, 1950) is both provocative and fascinating. In terms of scale, composition and subject matter his works of art show strong similarities to the work of the Old Masters, but unlike these old paintings Serrano’s work confronts us powerfully and directly with contemporary reality. Serrano has a deep interest… read more

Lionel Wendt / Ceylon

There is something special going on with regard to the oeuvre of Sri Lankan photographer Lionel Wendt (1900-1944). After a period of relative oblivion, Wendt was rediscovered – or discovered, in fact – worldwide as a unique, individualistic photographer who availed himself of experimental techniques and modern compositions. Wendt’s choice of subjects was eclectic: from… read more

Juul Kraijer / Chimaera

More information will follow. read more

Landscape with Tree / by Jamie Hawkesworth

Over the last five years the young British photographer Jamie Hawkesworth (1987) has produced an astonishing body of work that has made his reputation as one of the great new names in fashion photography. Hawkesworth himself draws no distinction between his fashion photography, reportage, or independent work. His photographs are characterized by a fascination for… read more

Ad van Denderen / Jerusalem Stone

The prominent Dutch photographer Ad van Denderen has photographed the West Bank since as long ago as the 1960s. After many years of journalistic and documentary photography, working primarily in black in white, more recently he has chosen to work more in colour, which in his words “serves as a metaphor for what is happening… read more

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