Bernd, Hilla and the Others / Photography from Dusseldorf

In the spring of 2018 Huis Marseille will be devoted to the so-called Düsseldorfer Photoschule, photographers who studied at the Dusseldorf Art Academy under Bernd and Hilla Becher or their successors Thomas Ruff and Andreas Gursky. The photographic vision of Bernd and Hilla Becher was so influential and successful that these photographers – also known… read more

Stefan Gronert / The Bechers, the Consequences, and the End of the Düsseldorf School of Photography

On Saturday 26 May, Stefan Gronert will give a lecture on the Düsseldorf School of Photography. Stefan Gronert is the curator of Photography and New Media at the Sprengel Museum in Hanover, teaches art history at the Braunschweig University of Art and is the author of the book The Düsseldorf School of Photography. This lecture… read more

Chikako Watanabe / The Third House Owner

In the run-up to the museum’s 20th anniversary in 2019, Huis Marseille is organising a number of exhibitions that focus on its own collection and history. For her new installation, Chikako Watanabe found inspiration in the museum’s characteristic canalside home and its earliest residents. Huis Marseille was built in the 17th century by the French… read more

A Beautiful Moment / Japanese photography, by Naoya Hatakeyama, Syoin Kajii, Yuki Onodera, Toshiko Okanoue a.o.

This summer Huis Marseille will show a selection from its own collection, with a focus on Japan. With work by: Jacqueline Hassink (1966) Naoya Hatakeyama (1958) Syoin Kajii (1976) Rinko Kawauchi (1972) Toshiko Okanoue (1928) Yuki Onodera (1962) Chino Otsuka (1972) Nao Tsuda (1976) More information will follow. read more

Koos Breukel / Son

The Dutch portrait photographer Koos Breukel (The Hague, 1962) – whose oeuvre is highly regarded both at home and abroad – has photographed his oldest son Casper since his birth in 2000. This has resulted in a series of intimate and sometimes moving portraits, which are not merely registrations of Casper in different phases of… read more